How To Write A Kick-Ass Pitch Email To Get A Journalist’s Attention
Journalists are incredibly busy people, many of them write between 6-8 articles a day which doesn’t leave much time for their inbox. The following do and don’t tips will help your pitch email stand out from the crowd.

by | Jul 5

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Focusing On The Human Behind The Search

Neuroscientists have discovered that humans weigh up all decisions emotionally before applying logical explanations to these choices. As the world of marketing and SEO has become so focused on numbers and algorithms, are we drifting too far from the human element? This article will discuss how to apply psychology to SEO through the power of inspiring language.

Creating A Data Source To Generate PR Coverage

As PR’s we know that the activities that secure the most links aren’t always the result of traditional link building activities. A new data source providing interesting facts and stats on a relatable topic is a tempting story for journalists, and anyone can create one via a survey and some sharp infographics. This article will explore the different ways you can gather data, the type of data that will interest journalists, and how to garner coverage and links.

Public Speaking -How Your Style Can Reinforce Your Personal Brand On Stage

When preparing for a public speaking opportunity, a lot of work goes into the dialogue and the deck, but many speakers neglect the third important element -the message their clothing and personal presentation is delivering. This article will explore the semiotics and psychology of these choices and how to reinforce personal brand through style.

Image by Adam Solomon