Future of Search Foundation

At Shift6, our core values deeply influence both our work and relationships. We recognize that the digital realm is a communal space, and we possess the capability to shape how it is experienced by others. Every task we undertake is imbued with conscientiousness, and it is with immense pride that we established the non-profit, Future of Search Foundation (FOS).

The foundation delves into the transformative potential of internet search skills and the innovations borne out of the Search marketing sector. Beyond just marketing and commerce, these tools hold promise in enhancing our overall well-being and health. The Future of Search Foundation pioneers in elevating the quality of content in pivotal internet sectors. Moreover, by harnessing the data trails from individual online activities, FOS aims to identify, address, and improve mental health challenges, thus fostering enhanced well-being.


Operating as a non-profit entity, FOS is dedicated to the creation of superior web content and the advancement of digital health informatics. It is steered by a synergistic team of digital health experts – encompassing researchers, clinicians, neuroscientists, SEO PR specialists, financial maestros, and tech providers. Together, we champion causes and work towards moulding the internet into a space that is healthier, more uplifting, and invaluable for everyone.


Additionally, we actively engage in collaborations with global foundations and businesses on diverse projects driven by mutual values and aims.