Future of Search Foundation

At Shift6 our values are core to our work and relationships.  We are aware that the digital space is a shared domain and that we have the abilities to alter how others experience it. We are conscientious in all the work we do and as an extension of this we are very proud to have founded the non-profit Future of Search Foundation (FOS).

It is concerned with how internet search skills and the technology developed within the Search marketing industry can be used in and outside the field of marketing and commerce to help us live healthier and happier lives.  It does this through creating and enhancing the quality of content in key areas of the internet and utilizing the data footprints created through individuals internet activity to identify and manage mental health issues and increase well-being.


The foundation acts as a non-profit agency currently supporting development of web based content and digital health informatics. FOS is managed by a collaborative group of digital health specialists– researchers, clinicians, neuroscientists, SEO PR professionals, financial experts and technology providers coming together to support causes and make the internet a healthier, happier and more valued place for all.


We also collaborate with other foundations and business around the world on different projects where we have a shared values and objectives.