When you press shift and the number 6 on your keyboard you get: ^

Representing an exponent, literally ‘raised to power’.


We believe our integrated approach exponentially raises the value of digital work allowing us to achieve goals faster and at better value.

About Us

What works for humans works for algorithms too.  At Shift6 we design digital media strategies that prioritize the end user. As a natural consequence we trigger positive Google signals that translate to measurable SEO increases.  


Meaning the work we do won’t just survive the next Google algorithm update, but thrives, becoming more valuable over time.


Focusing on the end user works with media as well.  By focusing on the reader’s of publications we have developed a reputation with journalists for delivering authentic and targeted stories that keep audiences engaged.  


This combined approach with media and algorithms allows us to accelerate brand growth and manage/protect reputations faster than a siloed approach. 


When you choose Shift6 Studios you get playful people who love what they do. We believe this enthusiasm brings out the best in working relationships – and allows us to collaborate in unprecedented ways.  Through this collaboration we deliver strategy that works with the client’s goals, resources and capabilities.


We’re an agile agency well-seasoned at working internationally, integrating with multiple teams and navigating the associated challenges. Our adaptive approach realizes our client’s goals, and delivers proven results.


Every client account has senior resource and specialist skills to maximize results.

Shift6 is a boutique consultancy that has been working with a mixture of investors, PR, SEO and content agencies as well as directly with clients in USA, Europe and Asia for 8 years. We have a global team working with us, operated out of two core offices in the USA and UK.


We pride ourselves on being the sophisticated combination of exceptional PR and SEO professionals with an unprecedented aptitude for data-driven measurable strategies. 


We believe in collaboration, flexibly working with our internal team, our client’s organizational structure, our agency partners, and our comprehensive docket of consulting specialists to develop a program of extensive activities. 

Company Info

We weave intelligence into everything we do

Making sure that we create campaigns that have the highest possible level of impact online as well as offline by listening to your key objectives, resource constraints and analysing website, social, sales and business data.


We know that the best strategies are only effective if they are designed to take each companies unique attributes into account  Therefore, If we need to adapt a strategy to make it lighter or more integrated with your internal teams we will work hard to make that happen. 


We are creative but also love metrics. Our analytical approach combines, where possible, your proprietary data with external information to gain actionable insights unique to your current objectives and media targets.


The value we hold highest is honest communication. We know that this underpins the success of the work we do with all our clients.

Traffic & Influence


Digital PR coverage and links

Social Media, On-site SEO , Web Design & Content Strategy

Honest and open communication

Our Team

We are a diverse, global team of exceptional professionals bringing a range of specialisms together in PR and SEO. Our team members have come from a variety of industries and backgrounds. They were chosen for their drive, potential, and the qualities that make them unique. At Shift6 we recognise that our differences and experiences form an unconfined working environment where creativity and inventive thinking flourish.

All of our team members have their specialist skills and passions. We make sure they are all trained to a high level not just in PR and SEO but also in business. This means that our team fully understand how their work impacts your business. We know this is critical for delivering value.

Meet the Team

I have strongly believed for a long time that a blend of media understanding, creative thinking, and data driven decision making are the magic sauce that drives success. Our adaptive, innovative approach realises our client’s goals, and delivers proven results.

—Lexi Mills, CEO and lead strategist