Melissa Tirey

Short Bio

Melissa Tirey is Vice President of The Future of Search Foundation and COO of Shift6, an international consultancy that provides professional services and training to agencies, corporations, government entities and investors. Melissa has over 15 years experience in digital marketing and specializes in finding data driven processes to build, track and measure Shift6’s unique integrated PR and SEO strategy.

Long Bio

Melissa is COO of Shift6 and has over 15 years experience in digital marketing and specializes in seamlessly integrating the precision and expertise of the communications team with the digital measurement tools to help you target, reach and convert your audience. Melissa is also the Vice President of the Future of Search Foundation, which is focused on how humans and machines change the search landscape with the goal of building best practices for a logical, sustainable and healthy search environment. She has executed successful integrated PR projects for clients across fashion, tech, medical, arts and e-commerce sectors. Her role involves making sure we are tracking the right information, reporting and delivering against our core objectives alongside building and designing data systems to inform strategic decisions. She has worked extensively in B2C and B2B marketing across the USA, Europe and Canada. Her background in neuroscience supports the team and consulting specialists in ensuring the scientific accuracy of media materials.