Shift6 MI is a sophisticated blend of systems and processes mixed with our daily media relations that creates efficiencies that scale across clients.  Keywords are pulled from every conversation we have journalists and trigger instant alerts to any account manager working on a client where these are relevant. This allows every client to benefit from the cumulative investment of our relationships and outreach across our entire portfolio. 


From speaking with our network we are often the first to learn of upcoming forward features, interview series and trending topics and can pitch our clients immediately, increasing the chances of impactful placement. These conversations also allow us to  invest in research and campaign building designed to target what media want


These efficiencies allow us to create tremendous value on 

 smaller budgets.  

For Authors

MI is perfect for authors as writing a book allows us to understand your areas of expertise easily and pull out quotes for placement easily.  We suggest working with authors while they are still writing their books so we can help them include keywords or small sections that will make media more interested in covering your book.  Prior to launch, we will work with you to build out all your areas of specialty and then through our systems and media contacts work to ensure we secure coverage in these areas with relevant publications for quote placement, thought leadership articles and interviews.  We do more full-scale book promotion where we can help with speaker bookings and radio and tv spots . 

Shift MI

For Startups

This approach works best for businesses with a clear value proposition that is easily understood.  If you are building out a brand new category – while very exciting – MI will not be the product for you (see our Consulting page).  



However, if you have a strong and understandable brand message with spokespeople who want to discuss their areas of expertise in relation to the business this could be the approach for you.  We determine what your key areas of specialty are and through a mixture of systems, some paid and others of our own making, we ensure we know what key media in your sectors are looking for and make sure we can get you featured and linked to at every possible opportunity.



We have team members covering all USA and European time zones who are experts at using these tools to generate maximum ROI for our clients.

For Product Placement

Shift6 targets relevant journalists and lifestyle bloggers in your industry to build links and increase product reviews and recommendations.

We also capitalize on major holidays (ie. Christmas, Valentine’s Day) and seasonality (ie. summer product lists, back to school shopping) to get product placements in gift guides which generate brand awareness, increase traffic and build links throughout the year. 

Benefits of Gift Guide Pitching include:

When your product is placed in a gift guide or product review, your website will earn links (to the relevant product pages and sometimes to the homepage).  The people coming to your site through these reviews are pre-vetted and interested in your product, triggering positive SEO signals.  Your website gains new traffic, bounce rate is decreased and click through rates increase.