Our objective is to achieve the very best ROI for our clients. We understand that you may have internal teams or consultants we can leverage, current agencies you work with and that sometimes all current resources may be maxed out on tasks. 


Equally, we also know how quickly things can change and we are highly adept in adjusting how we support you as these changes occur. This may include utilizing our digital management consulting to help you interview, hire and build out workflow for new teams to ensure success.

As such we segment our service offering into the following categories:

1.) Training: to help your team and agencies make and promote better PR SEO content.


2.) Support: we support your teams in implementing PR SEO objectives and campaigns.


3.) We take care of everything and just deliver results. If at any point you want to take it in-house we will help you hire and work with your team to hand over everything we have built .

Typesof Clients

While we have experience working across the spectrum from individuals to Fortune 500 companies, after years of experience we know there is a sweet spot where we are able to maximize results.  The closer we can be to decision makers the better.  This allows us to adapt when we see the media landscape changing. 

Howwe work

We combine existing commercial media databases with our own CRM to ensure we know who to contact, how best to get in touch with them and when, across the globe.  We understand you will have pre-existing relationships and will make sure you continue to grow those relationships when working with us.


We invest in a mixture of systems, some paid and others of our own making to ensure we know what key media in your sectors are looking for and making sure we can get you featured and linked to at every possible opportunity.


We have team members covering every time zone who are experts at using these tools to generate maximum ROI for our clients.   


This allows us to be exceptionally fast with identifying and capitalizing on these opportunities for our clients.  We have found this provides exceptional value to our clients by building brand awareness amongst journalists and consumers as well as building links.

Training Reputation management and protection

We work with and train both agencies and in-house teams around the world