Web 3

Web3 is at a tipping point. And it’s an exciting environment for dynamic businesses looking to build out the functionality of the next version of the web. However, like all technologies that have come before it, we need to build on existing infrastructure in order to develop what comes next. Understanding this hybrid Web2/Web3 dynamic and the opportunities and risks it presents is crucial for the success of any project in this space. You can’t build a brave new world with the same old tired tools and techniques. Our approach blends the best of Web2 and Web3, leveraging our knowledge and understanding of technology and media to take your audience from a place of uncertainty and distrust – to excitement and receptiveness. Our focus as an agency is on B2B technology for Web3, but we are happy to work with partner agencies (or your own team) on an integrated approach.

To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved:

The world of Web3 is fraught with mistrust, rug pulls and token schillers. It is vital to build trust in your product or service through authoritative channels, including media.

Pay to play, play to win:

Many prominent publications in this space operate a "pay for play" model. You can rely on our best advice on which of these represents the best opportunity for your business. We leverage our knowledge of search algorithms and integrate this with smart content marketing when working with these publications. This facilitates great internet visibility, brand recognition and traffic and maximizes your marketing spend.

Meet your audience, where they live:

The concept of "build it and they will come" belongs in Hollywood. It's crucial that you take your business and its benefits directly to where your potential audience is already active and engaged. As well as attention-grabbing headlines, we will also build a programme of offline events and influencer engagement strategies that will amplify your message and ensure we reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Timing is everything:

True adoption is like true love - it needs time and attention to thrive. Web3 is at the very start of this relationship and encouraging audiences to adopt new technology requires more than just an industry-specific focus but a sustained education process, using Web2 (here and now) to demonstrate the potential of Web3 for their future. This means targeting traditional press and adjacent verticals, plus wider Google information searches - so you can become THE answer to your sector of Web3. Once we have you in the prime position to own your category, then we can be confident of launching your product or services to customers who are ready and investors understand and are excited by.