Systems and Processes

We invest in a mixture of systems, some paid and others of our own making, to ensure we know what  media in your sector are looking for and making sure we can get you featured and linked to in every possible opportunity.


We have team members covering every time zone who are experts at using these tools to generate maximum ROI for our clients.   


This allows us to be exceptionally fast with identifying and capitalizing on these opportunities for our clients.  We have found this provides exceptional value to our clients by building brand awareness amongst journalists and consumers as well as building links. 

Underpinning this is detailed data analysis, systems and processes that are integrated into the fabric of everything we do and allow all aspects to work in unison.

Transparency of workflow

We don’t believe in gatekeeping.  Our clients have full knowledge about the work being done their behalf.  


As your goals change, so do ours.  While we set initial goals we understand things will change, so we review these every four months to ensure clients are getting exactly what they need.

and reporting

We want our clients to be in the know about everything to do with our work.


When we start working together we will discuss your preferred method of sharing documents and setup folders, tracking and planning documents that integrate with your workflow. Making it quick and easy for you to get access to all your assets and check in on the status of any aspect of our work.

Alongside this we setup a dedicated email that goes to the whole Shift6 team working with you. This makes sure everyone is in the loop on every conversation. 


We measure EVERYTHING – The nature of search algorithms and in turn, how news and information travels, changes rapidly.  As such, we make every effort to keep an eye on this by tracking, not just our core KPIs, but other metrics so we can determine what is creating the greatest influence for you.

We will conduct a monthly call where we provide updates and deliver a monthly report of coverage, warm leads and metrics relating to previous coverage and social media statistics. 

Journalist Consulting Board

Having over a decade of PR experience we have media contacts in almost every sector of the industry. These relationships allow us to create bespoke journalist review panels for every campaign or strategy. 

This allows us to refine a strategy  BEFORE we use resources pursuing it. 


We have built a unique system for recruiting and managing journalist feedback on these systems while keeping clients anonymized during the process.


While no one has a crystal ball, this system allows us to gauge interest with the very people we want covering our campaigns.  Media love it because it works for them and we love it because it significantly reduces risk and increases results for our clients, with the side benefit of giving us a constant flow of dialog about their changing interests of media.

These people provide insight, research and expert commentary which significantly increases the impact of our content and stories.


Academic database

We have strong relationships with many of the most influential researchers and academics around the world. 

We draw on these to collaborate on projects and provide insight, research and expert commentary which significantly increase the media’s response to our content and stories.