Pr and reputation management

Working with external factors to influence the algorithm, we have learned how to best sculpt search engine results to serve brands and individuals.  Knowing which levers to push to modify search results in our client’s favor is one of our favorite ways to use our skills.  We also specialize in pushing down negative results – because if it’s off the first few pages of Google, does it really exist anymore?


Web3 is at a tipping point. And it’s an exciting environment for dynamic businesses looking to build out the functionality of the next version of the web. However, like all technologies that have come before it, we need to build on existing infrastructure, in order to to develop what comes next.  Understanding this hybrid Web2/Web3 dynamic and the opportunities and risks it presents is crucial for the success of any project in this space. 


You can’t build a brave new world with the same old tired tools and techniques. Our approach blends the best of Web2 and Web3, leveraging our knowledge and understanding of technology and media to take your audience from a place of uncertainty and distrust to excitement and receptiveness.

Not every client requires full scale PR/SEO.  We have developed several lighter weight product offerings that still allow clients to build their areas of expertise and create high value backlinks while keeping budgets lower. 


Content marketing

We know what journalists are looking for because we speak to them everyday.  We can help build and implement a content marketing strategy that works to target both your audience and media attention to gain backlinks and grow your brand awareness.

We aren’t like other agencies that want to keep clients dependent on our skills.  We have worked with many companies to help them hire and train an internal team that understand the value or integrated PR and SEO.  Whether you want us to come in a do a couple days worth of training with an existing team or help you build out a brand new team we have experience and know what works.